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App Store Optimisation

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App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is about having your apps and games rank within search results. This helps gamers more easily find you.

ASO is a similar concept to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By improving your rankings, you improve your visibility. Improved visibility means more downloads, which means you make more money.

The vast majority of apps and games are found by either word of mouth or from searches. With over 350,000 developers and 1.4 million apps and games competing against you, App Store Optimisation is critical for success.

In this three part webinar, we reveal the secret art and science of App Store Optimisation. This webinar is ideal for app and game developers who will be releasing or updating content on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

ASO App Store Optimisation

About Us

Gurjeet Matharu B.ASc

Lead Software Engineer

Gurjeet Matharu is Disrupted Logic's Lead Software Engineer and Head of Software Development on the ctalyst® project. Gurjeet worked with RIM/Blackberry and specializes in Machine Learning, Software Development and Computer and Machine Languages.

Daman Dhillon B.ASc

Software Engineer

Daman Dhillon is Disrupted Logic's App and Game Development Lead. Daman's expertise is in Programmatic Visual Imaging, Machine Learning, Software Development and Computer Languages.

Tom Raycove MBA

Founder & CEO

After 13 years on over 50 Triple A game titles at Electronic Arts, Tom Founded Disrupted Logic and the ctalyst® project. His experience includes over 35 years in film, television, marketing, and software and video games development.

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