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Ctalyst is a revolutionary mobile ad network that uses cutting edge technology to help developers and advertisers a like.

Sept. 14, 2017

The Only True Mobile Ad Network for Mobile Games and Apps

Advertising - a Multi-Billion dollar Industry

Advertising is a massive multibillion dollar industry and it is growing. Why is it that the gaming industry does not want to captialize on this and grab a piece of that delicious money pie? The reluctance stems from the user experience and destroying the hard work that the developers put into makiing their games.

The current landscape wants to use interstitial and overlay ads as way to gaurantee a click through. CTR is extremely important for advertisers, and at the end of the day the ad networks care about how many clicks they can supply to their paying advertisers. The market is skewed in the advertisers direction, as thats where the money is coming from.

Additionally, to maximize the CTR and align advertisers with their target audience most networks use programmatic real time auctioning. At any given time they bid off the advertising price to the highest bidder. Once again, putting the advertisers first, displaying ads that have been paid the highest for, with no regard to quality, or context.

Developers are trying to monetize in a market that is skewed to the advertisers side. This causes many desperate developers to add many different networks and ads, trying to turn their app installs into actual cold hard cash. The abuse of the ad networks or simply not understanding how to use them effeciently turns into a horrible user experience, and results in less downloads and retention, and thus lower income.

ctalyst® was Invented to Address these Issues

Ctalyst is the only true game ad network and was created as a creative toolset for game developers. Ctalyst does not use progrmattic real time bidding, but rather relies on artificial intelligence to decide which users get which ads. This has a huge inherent advantage, people will only see ads that they are interested in, and want to learn more about. By utilizing AI, ctalyst increases the relevancy and CTR for ctalyst ads compared to the other ad networks that use progmattic real time bidding. Additionally, ctalyst is all about the user experience for both game developers and gamers. Ctalyst never takes you out of your game, and ads feel natural and a part of the game enviroment.

So how does ctalyst address CTR if we never take you out of the game? The rewards system built into ctalyst. To use some types of ads developers must provide an in game reward, such as health, and advertisers must provide a real world benifit, such as a discount coupon code. Furthermore, ctalyst has a built in rewards menu where gamers can like, dislike and interact with the ads they have been seeing. The fact that they do this on their own time and are not forced to go through this process increases the value from both a developer and advertiser point of view. These gamers are actually interested in the product and want to learn more, thus providing more revenue for the developers and providing the ever so important CTR to advertisers. Furthermore, this CTR is a much more ‘real’ CTR as the AI drives the ads to the people that want to see them.

what is ctalyst

Ctalyst® can fully integrated into your game allowing your entire gameplay mechanisms to help drive revenue. Imagine, your character has a racing suit, with decals, and these decals change with every gamer that plays your game. Ctalyst can help you make money.

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