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June 22, 2017

Choosing your ad network

Choosing your ad network of your game or game is a big step in finally turning your hard work into a revenue source.  Done with the correct mindset and tools, this can turn your hard work into cash.

In App Advertisements

catalyst - in app advertising

In app advertising is a huge market with a lot of confusion.  What does in app advertisements mean?  Can you make some good money using in app advertising?  What platforms should you target? Android or iOS, and then what network do you use to obtain and run ads?  How will they look in your app or game?  A lot of questions are there and need to be addressed before you can start making some money.  In app advertisements can consist of many different techniques, using affiliate marketing, direct views of ads, video ads, interstitial ads, and many more.  However, these techniques often lead to a bad user experience, and not enough money in the developers pocket.  You need to ensure your in app advertisements are utilized in such a way that you get the maximum return.   These ads are most common in the form of banner ads that render over top of your app.  Thus you need to design your app keeping this in mind.  In app advertisements must be thought of during the early stags of development.

In Game Ads

A huge subset of apps are games, on the ever growing mobile market.  These games offer further ways to showcase ads and leverage ad networks to make money.  However, a lot of the same problems from in app advertisements exist, and further complications arise, such as game engine compatibility.  In game ads are ads that you must see or click through to obtain a certain prize in the game.  Usually this experience takes the user out of the game and many times the user doesn't even come back.  We want a strategy to keep the user in the game, and not interfere with their gaming experience, but at the same time make you some money through ads.

Fill Rate

catalyst - fill rate

Fill rate is also an important factor for choosing an ad network.  What is the quality of the ads you will be seeing and how often will you be left with an empty ad space.  Imagine if you only get a 50% file rate, meaning one out of every two users won't see an ad and won't help you make money.  The users you've fought hard to get, won't all be there to help you monetize.  Fill rate is extremely important in the selection of your ad network.

How can ctalyst help?

Our goal at catalyst here is to build the best ad network for gaming, period.  We address these issues and many other issues developers face.  We do not offer banner ads or any sort of overlay ads as we feel this disrupts the user experience and takes people away from your game.  Our philosophy is to keep your users, in your game.

We offer in game ads in the truest sense - during your users gameplay, not interfering with the user experience.  ctalyst doesn't make you leave your game, we serve ads in your game, not on your game.  We offer in game ads that offer both real world rewards and in game rewards.  Allowing users to interact with ads, seek out ads, and have fun whilst doing so.  What does this mean to you?  It means you can use ctalyst as a toolset to engage your audience, and make a lot of money.  For more information head over to


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