ctalyst mobile marketing - mobile tracking allowing for real ads people will use and want

mobile ad network with great mobile marketing reach and allows for great mobile tracking allowing for real ads people will use and want.

June 24, 2017

A Mobile ad network with great mobile marketing reach, ctalyst®. ctalyst® uses excellent mobile tracking allowing for real ads people will want and use.

ctalyst® is can be used as a great marketing tool and as a part of your marketing plan to retain your gamers and expand your business. With the analytics toolset ctalyst® offers to developers you can download and use this data to further enhance your marketing strategies and come up with changes for different games. Imagine learning that your games demographics are not really what you thought they were, or that you’ve found that that your game is actually most played in a completely different income group. Imagine if you could have access to the all the gamers that have opted in to receive further marketing materials from you. You can achieve all this and more with ctalyst®!

Mobile Marketing - Increase your Reach

Mobile Reach Increase your reach

In House Advertising allows you to expand your mobile marketing reach and push content to your app stores and cross promote your other apps or games.  Furthermore, you can use the ctalyst® registration system to allow gamers to opt in to your emails, allowing you to email campaign your users.

Mobile Tracking - Track your users

Mobile Reach

ctalyst® is built with gaming in mind, and allows you to obtain analytics on the behaviours of your gamers and what they are doing within your game. The features of ctalyst® allows you to see how many gamers you have, what devices, demographics, and even as far as preferences.  This is information is obtained and showcased by the state of the art ctalyst® AI.  Mobile tracking covers many different areas for gamers and ultimately allows ctalyst® to deliver non intrusive, relevant ads to gamers.

ctalyst® - The Developers Toolset

Developer Toolset

ctalyst® is a complete toolset to allow you to increase traffic, increase downloads, and expand your marketing efforts.  All whilst offering great features allowing developers to build and market games better and more efficiently.  Leverage the ctalyst® SDKs and easy to use plugins to get your games and apps quickly set up with ctalyst® and start making some money!

The first 100 developers to sign up get a free $100 starting bonus!

Sign up now to take advantage of ctalyst® and the great developer toolset it has to offer.

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