Top 5 ways to use the Power of In App Advertising

Leverage the power of in app advertising and learn to monetize your games or apps.

Aug. 24, 2017

In App Advertising

There are many techniques and ways you can use in app advertising effectively and efficiently. We want to maximize our returns.

Product Placements

Embedded marketing uses product placements to reference certain brands or products and put them in many types of media, such as tv or film. These references create an illusion and serve as a reference to the real world and give a feeling of realism to the media or content. Some product placements are over the top obvious whilst others are non obstructive. Traditionally product placements pay a fee to enter the media and once the media has been created it cannot be replaced or changed.

Product Placements

The use of product placements in gaming has existed but has not been a prominent source of revenue. The reason behind this is quite simple, developers lack the resources to obtain clients for product placements. Furthermore, indie games may not have the userbase to even make a product placement worthwhile for many brands or products.

Product Placements by ctalyst, we here at ctalyst aim to solve the above problems, making it easy to add product placements to your games. Offering free 3d models, ctalyst can help offset the cost of building models, and serves as a revenue source. Product placements by ctalyst are always non obtrusive, and are able to change live and dynamically. Advertisers will pay to advertise in your games!

Non Intrusive

Ads have a negative connotation, rightfully so! Nobody likes over layed ads or worst yet ads that completely take you out of the gaming experience. Users don’t want to play games with annoying ads, especially if they are placed or designed for you to ‘accidently’ click them.

Ctalyst ads are always IN THE GAME and never overlay any ads. What this means is ads wont don’t take you away from the game. Keep your gamers playing your game, seeing more ads and make you more money!

Non Intrusive Ads


Interactive components in games always help you monetize. This strategy has been used by many top developers, incentivizing you with items or gems for watching an ad. However, this approach fails due to the retention rates during the commercial or ad. No one wants to wait 30 seconds to casually play a game for a few minutes, its simply not worth it.

Ctalyst ads offer an inherent interactive component to them, offering real world rewards and in game rewards. Imagine getting a health boost for picking up a beverage, imagine if that beverage was an actual product, now imagine if your gamers got a coupon for that beverage which they can use in store! With the ctalyst toolset your gamers will seek out and engage with your ads. As a developer, you have full control of the placement and how the ads interact with your games. All of a sudden they become integrated with your game and add to the game play experience, which ultimately means a better game for you, and more money for you!

Interactive Ads


In app advertising takes advantage of rewarding the users for engaging with an ad, watching an ad or coming back to the game after some time. This is great, however, once again the retention rates for these are low.

Rewards in ctalyst are offered in two components, real world rewards and in game rewards. The developer has full control of what these in game rewards are and ctalyst will take care of the rest!

In House Advertising

Another way to monetize with in app advertsing is with the use of self promotion or cross selling. You can funnel or send your gamers to your in app stores throughout various call to actions in your game.

In house campaigning by ctalyst allows you to cross promote your other games or your own in app store.. You have the ability to create multiple campaigns and change them up, live and instantly!. You are in complete control!

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